Thursday, September 16, 2010

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Monday, September 13, 2010

Caden turns 20 months - Woodlands TX Child Photographer

This past weekend, my son turned 20 months old. I usually miss these milestones, but this one I actually captured.

Just like many of you, I am continually amazed at how quickly these little "people" grow up. Mine came out grown up. One day they arrive into our lives and then the next they are attending school. So days like this, that I can spend with him and see all of the new things that he has learned, I feel so blessed.

Caden is now talking all of the time, to anyone or anything that will listen. He runs everywhere. He is testing boundaries constantly, which I guess they do at these age. He is so loving, blowing kisses and offering hugs to everyone, even strangers. You have to love the toddler innocence.

So I thought I would share a couple of photos from this weekend. He allowed me about 2 minutes, with his helicopter. Just enough time for a smile and a few beautiful serious shots. I LOVE this boy.

Enjoy the week you guys. And happy 20 months, sweet pea.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Peekaboo, Mr. H is 1! - Houston TX Child Photographer

Today I met Mr. H and his family at Market Street for their final session of their Tippy Toes plan. I'm so sad, as I have so enjoyed getting to know his mom and Mr. H. This year has gone by so fast! You might recognize Mr. H from his previous sessions. Newborn, 3 month, 6 month and 9 months.

And speaking of fast, that is one adjective to describe Mr. H. Good thing I had my running shoes on. Even thought he wasn't walking yet. Those knees served him well. He wasn't too sure about the grass, but once he got going, he was off. But as long as his brother was helping me out, playing peekaboo with him, he was a happy camper. Thanks Mr. P!

Here are a few sneak peaks from today's session.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Sunset Love - Woodlands TX Couples Photographer

Last night I had I met a good friend and his girlfriend at East Shore for a sunset photoshoot. Perfect lighting, led to some perfect portraits. I was under some major pressure, as D is a professional photographer himself! But they were fantastic and we had a great time. We goofed around and played in the grass. Getting some formal shots, goofy shots and most of all, some re-inactments of some famous movies.

You guys were great. Thanks for playing along and the rest will be done in around a week. Enjoy your sneak peak!

1. How long have you guys been together? A seemingly long two and a half months.

2. Where did you guys meet? At a bar (classy) during a motorcycle meet (even classier.)

3. What is your favorite thing to do together? Nap or read. We're kinda boring but that's ok.

4. Any nicknames for each other? We all want the scoop! I call her beast or more recently
mammal. She finds neither of these amusing. She tends to just call me "honey," which at varying points I'm sure either means bee excrement or that she actually likes me.
5. Five things that you want us to know about you guys as a couple. Clean things only. :)

We tend to be very laid back and "boring," but that's fine. We enjoy each others company and needn't be engaged in a conversation or specific activity to do so.

We are both terribly wanting of directional or decision making abilities. Not only can't we find our way around the corner, we have the complete and total inability to decide on anything. This is particularly exciting when we're figuring out where to go eat.

It seems like we've known each other for a lot longer than the little time we've been together.

We're having a baby! Both of us are very excited. We want a little girl. I (D) am also a photographer and the amount of black mail pictures I will have of momma and baby will be unreal.

We act completely childish around each other some times. It helps us enjoy the little things!

Bonus: I've (D again) never actually had my picture taken in a professional setting before. I'm very much terrified and looking forward to having Kara produce these beautiful moments for us. I became a photographer so I wouldn't have to be in front of the lens!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Full Time Fun - Woodlands TX photographer

For those that know me, you know that for the last 4 years, I have been running this studio on my nights and weekends. Not by choices, as this is my passion, but by necessity.

Well... Today was my first full day of full time work at Kara Powell Photography! Yippee!

Yes, I am now a full time employee of my own studio. Which means, yes. You can book your sessions during the week, as well as during the weekends. I will be opening my new branches soon (more to come on this). And the new blog will be launching soon as well. There will be a lot of new and exciting things coming your way! I'm going to be catering more to the mom.

So for all of you that encouraged me along the way, thank you. I am hoping that this will be the start to a long and really exciting journey. But most of all, I hope that I can help many of you capture those fleeting moments of your families. As, I know how quickly they go by.

Here is to many more productive days ahead.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

August Kute Photo of the Month - Woodlands TX Child Photographer

The heat was on this month, but this little one didn't show it a bit! She was all smiles the whole session. Whether it was her tummy shot, tutu dance or slowing down for one last smile in her hat. She was a champ. We always have a great time with Miss C. Now choosing which shot for the actual Kute photo was the hard part. So I went for a classic, which I NEVER do. The full on smile shot. But it was simple and classic. And something that this mom will want to remember for years to come, so I thought I would select it for the shot of the month. Simple is good sometimes.

Just a reminder that her mommy will receive a FREE 11x14 of this print and a $50 credit to the studio to use as she pleases. Do you want to be entered in the Kute photo of the month? All you have to do is have your portrait taken with our studio and you are entered each month! It is that easy.

Monday, August 30, 2010

An evening in the park - Woodlands Family Photographer

Last night, I met one of my clients that has been with me from almost the very beginning. I just LOVE them. They are so easy going and I so enjoy getting to see their family grow over the years. I shot Ms. R's first birthday, Mr. E's maternity, Mr. E's newborn and you probably recognize them from a recent mommy and me session.

But when their mommy called and said they hadn't had a full family session EVER. Well, I just had to change that. And after talking, I found out that they hadn't had any couple photos since their wedding! Well, you can't have that. So we took care of that as well.

Now, those of you who have toddlers, know that it is difficult to capture a family photo at this age. But I think they will be pleasantly surprised, I didn't post them here, but I have some good ones. You guys enjoy your week and the photos should be ready in about a week.

1. How old are your kids? E is 1 yr and R is 2 1/2
2. What is the best thing about your kids at this age? They are absorbing so much, everyday there is something new they are doing or saying.
3. What is the most challenging? Just keeping up with 2 toddlers that are 16 months apart is a challenge but I think dealing with severe food allergies at the same time is the most difficult thing.
4. Do you have any advise to new moms out there? Buy a dust buster!!!

5. What is a perfect day with your family? The perfect day with our family is any day that we get to spend the entire day together as a family. We are always so busy there seems to be errands or projects that need done but the best days are ones where we really don't get anything "done" and just spend time together, going to the park or hanging out at home grilling and playing in the yard.
6. What are some hopes and dreams you have for your kids? I just hope my children grow up to be happy, well adjusted, independent, open minded adults.

Authentically You, Sept Minis - Houston Child Photographer

This month, it is all up to you!

You choose the look, location, background, clothing, everything. All I need is YOU! I want to see your personality shine! September mini sessions are called Authentically YOU and are going to be held on September 11th and 18th.

The only stipulation? You have 30 minutes! Be silly, serious, crazy, sad, whatever shows your personality. I have even does this with you pet! (This is a great opportunity for all of those that need a session, but don't want a full session, with full session pricing).

You tell me where to be and I will be there. The price is still $30 and discounts to the normal packages will apply. Most exciting part? You have an opportunity to purchase a 12x12 collage for $40, that will include 9 photos. That is a savings of $55. Wow!

So what are you waiting for? This is great for all ages. A perfect Christmas gift and/or back to school package. Best yet? It can all be done INSIDE! Yeah!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

School's back in Session - Woodlands TX Child Photographer

With the start of a new school year, comes hesitation, excitement, the smell of new crayons, lots of money being shelled out for school supplies, etc. A lot of my clients are getting their little ones ready for the first day of school on Monday. So I thought I would put a little bug in your ear about school scrapbooks. I know you guys have tons of time on your hands to do this for each and everyone of your children!

But I do know that you take a ton of snapshots of your kids. Especially on the first day of school. So here are some ideas to extend that notion. Some of these won't take any time at all and can be done online.

1. Take a photo of your child every year on the first day of school (and the last day, too, if you want). Try to take the photo in the same spot, or near a certain item (a tree, for example) each year—you’ll really notice how much your child has grown each year! For another fun idea, have your child hold up fingers to indicate what grade he/she is in.

2. Take a photo of your child as he/she gets on the school bus for the first time.
3. Take photos of your child in his/her classroom, sitting at his/her desk, with his/her teacher, and outside the school. You can do this at your school’s open house before school starts or on the first day of school.
4. Your child will probably bring home lots of artwork and school papers that you’ll want to keep. However, it can be an organizational nightmare to store all of those loose papers. Take a photo of your child holding their artwork and put all of those photos into a book you can print online (like Snapfish).

5. Create a series of fun questions to ask your child every year—things like “What is your favorite subject?”, “What is your favorite thing to eat for lunch?”, “Who is your best friend in school?”, etc. Ask the same questions every year, record the answers (or, have your child write down the answers if they are old enough!), and include them in his/her school scrapbook. It will be fun to see how their answers change as they get older!

6. Have your child write his/her name on a piece of cardstock and include that in his/her school scrapbook, too. You’ll get to see how his/her handwriting changes throughout the years!

Don't forget, scrapbooks don't have to be made with scissors and glue. They can be done online in a few minutes for those of us with not a lot of time. And the kids LOVE looking at them. Grandparents like them too. So don't forget to get out that camera and document the small and big details of that important first day.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

All that She Could Be - Tomball Tx Newborn Photographer

In the wee hours of this morning, I had the pleasure of chatting with a lovely family. Miss B, had made her entry into this world just two short weeks ago and I took her newborn portraits at 6am this morning, with no coffee. She did great, she is definitely a morning girl. She was all that she could be, and so were all of us! Thanks for all of your help you guys.

This army family was fantastic and I have to say, one of the most fascinating families I have chatted with in a long time. I learned a lot from them. Between chats about Iraq, politics and of course Miss B, we did manage to get some fabulous portraits done of this sweet little girl. And her name does fit!

You guys enjoy the sneak peak and the shots of the tattoos will not disappoint.

Is this your first baby? Yes
Is motherhood going better or worse than you anticipated? Better
What is the best thing about being a new mom? The way Miss B melts my heart.
What do you find most challenging? Sleeping when Miss B sleeps.
When was the last time you slept longer than 2 hours? And be honest. Or can you remember? Last night because grandma is in town
What is your favorite thing about them? Her toes
Do you have any words of wisdom for other new mom’s to be out there? Try your hardest to sleep when your baby sleeps. Even if it is in the middle of the day.
What do you imagine your baby being when he or she grows up? A mommy
What are you most looking forward to teaching them or doing with them in the future? Her ABCs, 123s and Who Dat!!!
What is one wish you have for your baby in the future? That she marries someone like her daddy.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Fabulous Find - Houston TX Photographer

You guys know that I love props! I need a bigger house just to hold them all. So when I came across this on Etsy, I just had to order one for Caden. And when it came, I was not disappointed.

Caden loves his monkey ball. And I had the chance a few weekends ago to photograph him playing around with it.
If you would like a ball of your very own (which I would highly recommend, especially for high energy toddlers), go visit Handmadepretties. This shop has all kinds of great "Giant balls" as they call them. You can order them in dinosaur, farm, sports, cupcake, twin balls, etc. And the best part is, they are personalized! how fantastic is that. There is even a new one for school spirit.

So surf on down to Handmadepretties and tell her I sent you (I get a referral, which I will inturn pass on to you). You might even see some of Caden's photos there.


Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Chalk it UP, Back to School Mini Session this Saturday - Woodlands TX Photographer

Just a reminder that I have a few spots left for the Back to School, Chalk it UP mini sessions this Saturday.

This is a perfect time to take some fun, photos before school starts. We have a custom chalk board that your child will have a blast decorating just for them! And an antique desk for hours of entertainment.

Sessions are 30 minutes for $30 and can be extended for multiple children. Also offered are special packages, pricing and gifts.

Call me today to book your session and your time.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

My Sweet Pea is 19 months - Woodlands Toddler Photographer

A few days ago, my son, Caden turned 19 months. Now if any of you have friends that are photographers, you might have heard of PCS or Photographers Child Syndrome. It is basically the idea that any photographer's child hates to be photographed. And yes, my son has it bad. The poor thing has had my camera in his face since he was born. I tried to limit his exposure to it, but I just can't help it. And I have to admit that I have been so busy with the studio that I have missed documenting his 17 and 18 month birthdays.

So you would think that he would have been OK with today's adventure. But...
I guess the closer we get to the age of 2, the harder it is going to be. But I did manage to get 2 good ones. This is my sweet pea at 19 months. We waited a long time for you, and I guess I can wait awhile longer for a good photo.

The only smile in the whole shoot. "A little bit of sunshine"

The view I see the most. I call this, "Off and Running".

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

New Goals for New studio - Houston TX Photographer

So as a lot of you know, August is the start of a new time for me and my studio. I am kicking off all kinds of new things, products and ideas. I am taking what you have told me works and building on it. Taking what you said didn't and throwing it out.

I thought one of the best ways to build a great foundation is to sit down and write out some goals. And what is the best way to hold myself accountable? Publish them! Oh and there is no timeline on these. Just hopefully get to them by August of next year.

So here are the new goals for KP Photo on going. See what you think. Some are personal, you are steal them! And some are business related. I wanted to share them, so that we can all better ourselves at the same time. And frankly you guys can help me stick to them. So it is a long post, but I have a lot of goals!

Building Relationships
1. Spend at least 1 weekend a month doing “nothing” with my husband
2. Get in touch with and/or visit a friend I haven’t seen in years
3. Write a real letter to someone once a week for 3 months
4. Meet a neighbor I don’t already know
5. Make 3 new friends
6. Really get to know my studio clients – relationship building

1. Volunteer my photography services to a community project or a family in need
2. Host Mamartazzi technical photo club
3. Donate old books to local book drive
4. Do an anonymous favor or ‘pay it forward’
5. Donate portrait shoot to charity auction
6. Purge closet of anything not worn in last 2 years, clean out garage!
7. Buy a meal for a complete stranger
8. Host a random giveaway on my blog

Fun with Husband, Caden or Family & Friends
1. Take a staycation with C&C and just lay around the house
2. Institute date night at least twice a month, money isn’t required
3. Make sure Caden get’s outside to play at least twice a week
4. Check out new places like Gymboree, Little Gym, My Gym, YMCA, local parks
5. Have neighbors over for dinner at least once!
6. Plan holidays with family – don’t hibernate

Health & wellness
1. Work out at least once a week
2. Go to bed by 9pm every weekday for a month
3. Try a new recipe at least once a week
4. Take a full lunch break away from the computer at least twice a week for 3 months
5. Institute quiet time every morning before Caden wakes up for devotionals

Personal growth & development
1. Publish an inspirational quote on FB every other day for a month
2. Go to library at least 6 times to read and learn, not sleep in the quiet rooms.
3. Try 5 new restaurants
4. Establish $5000 personal emergency fund (that doesn’t involve shopping emergencies)
5. Learn to scuba dive and/or sky dive
6. Read and implement Dave Ramsey’s Total Money Makeover
7. Pair down the “stuff” in our house
8. Learn to relax and do nothing!

1. Get published in Woodlands Instyle magazine
2. Get published on a blog other than mine like Savvy Photographer
3. Photograph a destination portrait or wedding session, preferably in Europe
4. Enter a photo competition or two in 2011
5. Go on a photo safari to document India or African children
6. Get certified through PPA
7. Shoot a session in the rain
8. Find a pet project to take at every session
9. WPPI in Vegas
10. Get out in the community more, Spring mom’s and babes, advertise in school functions, etc.

Rest & Relaxation
1. Spend a day I bed doing nothing for no real reason
2. Go an entire day with no email, text or message boards
3. Get a massage every Saturday for a month
4. Sleep in until at least 7:30am every Saturday for a month

1. Visit Africa
2. Take a random road trip with Chris
3. Visit France with Caden
4. Take another trip to Costa Rica
5. Visit Australia, concentration camps, Russia and Maine
6. Take another cruise through the Med
7. Take Caden to Iowa, Hawaii and CA

Random stuff
1. Focus on one room at a time and finish decorating it , start with Caden’s room, then the studio
2. Pay off credit cards
3. Create our wedding DVD
4. Watch 10 movies I should have already seen
5. Put a note in a book for a random stranger to find
6. Create our wills
7. Complete 2 truths and 2 dares proposed by someone who comments on this post
8. Send a care package to someone who comments on this post (randomly selected)

Monday, August 9, 2010

It's not tutu late! - Woodlands Tx Children's Photographer

It's not tutu late. I still have a few spots available for this weekend's mini session of Ties and Tutus.

Here are a few shots from Miss C's Tutu session. How adorable is she?

This could be your little one.

Again, this Saturday, you name the time. Once we are full, it is gone till next year.
  • 30 minute session
  • $30 session fee
  • Either we provide the tie or tutu or you do
  • Special pricing on portraits and gifts!
  • Mini session package - 8x10, 2 5x7s, a sheet of wallets, and 15% off of purchase - $50
Next mini is August 21st - Chalk it UP! (Best for older kids)

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Sitting Pretty at 6 months - Woodlands TX Baby Photographer

Today, Miss C came by for her 6 month session. You might be saying to yourself, didn't I just see her on the blog? Why yes! We just did a family session for her grandparents. But today was special, as it was all about her and she was in a great mood. So tutu and all, she showed off her new moved of sitting up and pushing up. She is doing great. I'm going to save the tutu photos for tomorrow, but here are some of my favorites from today. You guys enjoy. And if you want to see Miss C's family shoot or her 3 month, you can travel back in time through the links.

How old is your child? She is 6 months
How has she changed from the last time she was in? She has become so much more interactive and is starting to really show her little personality.
What is your favorite things that she does? She does little sit-ups when she is on her back trying to see what is going on. You see her little head popping up with a big smile.
What is the thing that you find most challenging? NAPS!!! The child doesn't sleep during the day.
What is she really into right now? She is into anything that she can get her little hand to...she loves to grab and tear things.
What is something that you just love to do with her? I love to play peek a boo. You can do it over and over and the surprise never seems to wear off!
What is your favorite thing that she does, body part or noise that she makes? (I love this question!) She makes this little throat gurgle...I think she believes she is talking!

Monday, August 2, 2010

July Kute Photo of the Month - Child Photographer Houston TX

August is here, so that means it is time to choose the Kute Photo of July. It seems like it was only yesterday that this month was starting out, and now it is over. During this month I shot the M family twice. Once for this mama's maternity shoot and then for Mr. L's newborn session. I just knew that they were going to be my Kute Photo of the month, because they had so many fantastic photos! Who could choose? A great family, loving home and relaxed atmosphere that Mr. L is just going to love. So after looking through all of the photos from both sessions, I had to pick just one. Oh this is going to be hard. After spending many hours with Ms. M and Mr. L my clients do become family. Some shots take a little longer to "get" than others. And then some just fall into place.

I personally LOVE taking newborns outside. Houston heat and newborns mix in my opinion and this little guy was no different. He loved it. So I chose this shot for my Kute Photo of the month. His little smile, the beautiful foliage. Perfection. You guys enjoy the wall print of this image and the gift certificate! Congrats!

Ties and Tutus Mini Session Saturday - Woodlands TX Childrens Photographer

I am pleased to announce the start of Mini Sessions at the studio!

Our first mini session is this Saturday and the 14th and it is called Ties and Tutus.

Bring your little one for a short session to just play! These are great for updating your photo wall, or just getting some photos done in a more economic fashion. We can provide the Ties or Tutus, or your can bring your own. FYI, I have over 10 tutus in the studio, all sizes and colors! This session will be 30 minutes in length and will cost only a $30 session fee. This fee does not include any prints or digital files. I am offering a special mini session package and it is at a huge discount! This would normally cost $120 at my studio, but on this Saturday only, it is your for $50. This package includes an 8x10, 2 5x7s and a page of wallets for $50. All of these prints have to be of the same image.

So come play with me at the studio, as this is going to be Tutu fun! Best for all ages! Call or email me to set up you session, as sessions are limited to 5 per Saturday. And once they are full, we are done till next year.

Can't wait to see how you wear that Tie or Tutu.

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Christening Coming Soon! - Woodlands TX Baby Photographer

This afternoon, I met the sweetest little boy. Oh, I could have kept him. I met them at the car and his mama just handed him right to me. And he was happy as a clam just to hang out with me the rest of the session, when he wasn't checking out the studio.
He was at the studio today to start his Tippy Toes plan. And perfect timing, as he is being Christened in two weeks, so this dapper little guy needed his portrait taken in this super fantsy outfit. I don't think anyone has ever been this dressed up in my studio, so he wins the award. He looked so nice. He will be a stunner at his Christening. We even too a few photos with his big sister, whom I learned is a connoisseur of Ramen noodles. Yummy, I'm going to try her special recipe this week. Thanks Miss G. Enjoy the sneak peak.

How old is your child? almost 8 months old
What is your favorite things that he does? When he laughs he has a chuckle.
What is the thing that you find most challenging? That he still gets up every 3 hrs and doesn't nap much in the day!
What is he really into right now? Everything, but he loves his sister!
What is something that you just love to do with him? Kiss his neck.
What is your favorite thing that he does, body part or noise that he makes? (I love this question!) He makes faces with his tongue.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Personalized Baby Block - Houston TX Newborn Photographer

Last week, when I shot Mr. L, he had the cutest block that someone gave them as a gift. It was just beautiful and I'm sure he will have it for a very long time. Well, he will probably chew, throw, hide, sit, etc with it for a very long time. But you know what I mean.

So I did a couple of extra shots of him with it. I especially love the shot of his tiny fingers around it. Oh, they are only this tiny for such a very short time.

What a precious gift with all of his memories in one place! If you would like to give a gift like this to someone you know. Here is the link. It is very affordable. Love it! Tell them I sent you.


Monday, July 26, 2010

BFF LOL - Woodlands TX Teen Photographer

Sometimes I get to do something a little different. Shooting pregnant mamas and babies is what I do. So having teenagers in the studio is a switch and I almost didn't know what to do! But eventually we got on a role and ended up with a bunch of fabulous photos. Shooting teenagers that take directions is so much easier than babies and toddlers. :)

You guys might recognize Miss C, as she has been in the KP Photo family since the creation. She has been on the blog several times. This time she brought her friend Miss M. Enjoy the sneak peak you guys. The rest will be up later.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Gifts for Grandma - Woodlands TX, Child Photographer

Tonight I met one of my Tippy Toes families out at a local park to take some family photos. They wanted to get a jump on the holidays and take some photos of the grandkids, while they were all together this week. (A possible gift for the grandparents for the holidays!) What a fabulous idea! And what a lucky set of grandparents, as these cute girls were so nice, had so much fun together (even though it was so hot) and even though the little one was so tired, I managed to a get few good ones. Thanks for hanging in there ladies!
What is the occasion for this photo session? A Christmas present for their grandparents. The oldest of the group goes to college in West Virginia so it is rare to have them together.
Tell me the names and ages of the children. K - 21; B - 9; C - 6 mos.
What do you love best about the kids? I love the energy that my little ones have.
When the kids get together, what are some of the best things that happen? K is a bit older so the younger ones look up to her. To have the older cousin play with them and just be silly is a lot of fun.
What do the grandparents do with the kids that they just love? The grandparents have a farm with horses, dogs, cats, donkey, etc. Getting to go to their house and play with the animals is something they look forward to.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

No Monkey Business Here, just sleep - West U TX Newborn Photographer

I welcomed in a new member of the KP Photo family today. Mr. L was born last week to one of our sexy mammas. You might remember her maternity shoot that I posted a few weeks back. But today was all about Mr. L. He was so cooperative! A good two hours of photos and not one peep. A photographers dream. So these parents are going to have a hard time choosing! He was just too beautiful! Some days I just love my job. Thanks you guys, he was perfect and you will be pleased with the shots. Here are some to get you started.
Is this your first baby? Yes
Is motherhood going better or worse than you anticipated? Better
What is the best thing about being a new mom? Having the cutest baby in the world to love.
What do you find most challenging? Recovering from a c-section and breastfeeding
What was the last time you slept longer than 2 hours? And be honest. Or can you remember? At the hospital, when breastfeeding failed and the nurses offered to take him for the night.
What is your favorite thing about him? When he falls asleep in my arms on my chest, when he smiles, or makes a funny noise to get our attention.

Do you have any words of wisdom for other new mom's to be out there? Some baby books are boring and some are great but you forget everything since the baby hasn't arrived yet. Focus on everything you need to know during the FIRST WEEK of baby's life. Like what their sleeping habits are supposed to be and not just that they sleep all the time. How often they wet/soil a diaper and not just that diaper changes occur often. What exactly you need to do for breastfeeding and that it's more challenging than it seems. Other things beyond the first week are important too but the first week was the most challenging for me just because I'm new and honestly did not know what to expect or what I'm doing.
What do you imagine your baby being when he or she grows up? No idea... but I hope he's good at math. (This mamma is in the financial realm when she isn't doing her motherly duties.)
What are you most looking forward to teaching him or doing with him in the future? With mom, baking. With dad, sports.
What is one wish you have for your baby in the future? To become a genuinely good person despite all the influences in today's society and to be good to his mom (and dad but more mom).

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Fun in the Sun at 1 - Houston TX Child Photographer

Miss C has been seen around the blog quite a bit. I took her photos before she arrived, her newborn, 3, 6, 9 and now here is her 1st year photo debut. She has grown into a beautiful little thing. So fully of personality and man can she swim! I need to take Caden over and have her teach him.
I met Miss C and her family at their home on Friday evening for a fantastic evening of swimming. She showed off her love of the water and we got some beautiful shots of everyone involved. Enjoy the sneak peak you guys!
How cute is this one?
How old is your child? 12.5 mos
What is your favorite thing about her? Her curiosity
What do you find most challenging? making time for everyone but we manage somehow. Guess I'm just really hard on myself about that one.
How has she changed most over the last year? she advances in leaps n bounds bc if her siblings. She tries everything once then she is a pro.
If you had to guess, what you do think she will be in the future? an engineer, she likes to put things together, the smaller the better
What are you favorite times with her? I like watching her independence and experimenting, she's very inquisitive
What is she really into right now? walking, walking n walking
When she is a teenager, and won't listen to you anymore. What are some words of wisdom you would like her to know? Judging from her character now, nothing is impossible for her

Love those baby blues!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Thirteen going on 30 - Houston TX Teen Photographer

You might recognize Ms. E from the family shoot I posted last week. We extended the family shoot and did her 13th birthday photos at the end. She was a trooper and hung in there in the heat with us. Climbed rocks in her heels, sat in dirt in her white dress, sweated all over the place, etc. She now knows what it is like to be a model. Definitely not glamorous. But I got some fabulous photos, so everything turns out for the best. Although her mom probably won't be happy, because a lot of them don't look 13, sorry mom. :( I tried. They just grow up way too fast. Ms. E, try to act young for your mom for another year or so. You guys enjoy the sneaky!

What is the age of your child? 13
What is the best this about your child? tender heart
What do you find most challenging? high maintenance
Does your child have a favorite stuffed animal? Rock star jenny (pink poodle)
When do you just love, love, love your child the most? Watching her from afar. Seeing her sweet caring disposition
What is your child really into right now? Facebook, friends, volleyball, and a new love of tennis
What do you do to make your child laugh? Laughing is easy, E has a slap stick humor and we all laugh together
If you had to guess at her future profession, what would it be? Elementary school teacher or pre-K
When your child grows up and is a teenager (which she already is) that won't
listen to you,
what is one piece of advise you will give?
This too shall pass