Saturday, July 31, 2010

Christening Coming Soon! - Woodlands TX Baby Photographer

This afternoon, I met the sweetest little boy. Oh, I could have kept him. I met them at the car and his mama just handed him right to me. And he was happy as a clam just to hang out with me the rest of the session, when he wasn't checking out the studio.
He was at the studio today to start his Tippy Toes plan. And perfect timing, as he is being Christened in two weeks, so this dapper little guy needed his portrait taken in this super fantsy outfit. I don't think anyone has ever been this dressed up in my studio, so he wins the award. He looked so nice. He will be a stunner at his Christening. We even too a few photos with his big sister, whom I learned is a connoisseur of Ramen noodles. Yummy, I'm going to try her special recipe this week. Thanks Miss G. Enjoy the sneak peak.

How old is your child? almost 8 months old
What is your favorite things that he does? When he laughs he has a chuckle.
What is the thing that you find most challenging? That he still gets up every 3 hrs and doesn't nap much in the day!
What is he really into right now? Everything, but he loves his sister!
What is something that you just love to do with him? Kiss his neck.
What is your favorite thing that he does, body part or noise that he makes? (I love this question!) He makes faces with his tongue.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Personalized Baby Block - Houston TX Newborn Photographer

Last week, when I shot Mr. L, he had the cutest block that someone gave them as a gift. It was just beautiful and I'm sure he will have it for a very long time. Well, he will probably chew, throw, hide, sit, etc with it for a very long time. But you know what I mean.

So I did a couple of extra shots of him with it. I especially love the shot of his tiny fingers around it. Oh, they are only this tiny for such a very short time.

What a precious gift with all of his memories in one place! If you would like to give a gift like this to someone you know. Here is the link. It is very affordable. Love it! Tell them I sent you.


Monday, July 26, 2010

BFF LOL - Woodlands TX Teen Photographer

Sometimes I get to do something a little different. Shooting pregnant mamas and babies is what I do. So having teenagers in the studio is a switch and I almost didn't know what to do! But eventually we got on a role and ended up with a bunch of fabulous photos. Shooting teenagers that take directions is so much easier than babies and toddlers. :)

You guys might recognize Miss C, as she has been in the KP Photo family since the creation. She has been on the blog several times. This time she brought her friend Miss M. Enjoy the sneak peak you guys. The rest will be up later.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Gifts for Grandma - Woodlands TX, Child Photographer

Tonight I met one of my Tippy Toes families out at a local park to take some family photos. They wanted to get a jump on the holidays and take some photos of the grandkids, while they were all together this week. (A possible gift for the grandparents for the holidays!) What a fabulous idea! And what a lucky set of grandparents, as these cute girls were so nice, had so much fun together (even though it was so hot) and even though the little one was so tired, I managed to a get few good ones. Thanks for hanging in there ladies!
What is the occasion for this photo session? A Christmas present for their grandparents. The oldest of the group goes to college in West Virginia so it is rare to have them together.
Tell me the names and ages of the children. K - 21; B - 9; C - 6 mos.
What do you love best about the kids? I love the energy that my little ones have.
When the kids get together, what are some of the best things that happen? K is a bit older so the younger ones look up to her. To have the older cousin play with them and just be silly is a lot of fun.
What do the grandparents do with the kids that they just love? The grandparents have a farm with horses, dogs, cats, donkey, etc. Getting to go to their house and play with the animals is something they look forward to.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

No Monkey Business Here, just sleep - West U TX Newborn Photographer

I welcomed in a new member of the KP Photo family today. Mr. L was born last week to one of our sexy mammas. You might remember her maternity shoot that I posted a few weeks back. But today was all about Mr. L. He was so cooperative! A good two hours of photos and not one peep. A photographers dream. So these parents are going to have a hard time choosing! He was just too beautiful! Some days I just love my job. Thanks you guys, he was perfect and you will be pleased with the shots. Here are some to get you started.
Is this your first baby? Yes
Is motherhood going better or worse than you anticipated? Better
What is the best thing about being a new mom? Having the cutest baby in the world to love.
What do you find most challenging? Recovering from a c-section and breastfeeding
What was the last time you slept longer than 2 hours? And be honest. Or can you remember? At the hospital, when breastfeeding failed and the nurses offered to take him for the night.
What is your favorite thing about him? When he falls asleep in my arms on my chest, when he smiles, or makes a funny noise to get our attention.

Do you have any words of wisdom for other new mom's to be out there? Some baby books are boring and some are great but you forget everything since the baby hasn't arrived yet. Focus on everything you need to know during the FIRST WEEK of baby's life. Like what their sleeping habits are supposed to be and not just that they sleep all the time. How often they wet/soil a diaper and not just that diaper changes occur often. What exactly you need to do for breastfeeding and that it's more challenging than it seems. Other things beyond the first week are important too but the first week was the most challenging for me just because I'm new and honestly did not know what to expect or what I'm doing.
What do you imagine your baby being when he or she grows up? No idea... but I hope he's good at math. (This mamma is in the financial realm when she isn't doing her motherly duties.)
What are you most looking forward to teaching him or doing with him in the future? With mom, baking. With dad, sports.
What is one wish you have for your baby in the future? To become a genuinely good person despite all the influences in today's society and to be good to his mom (and dad but more mom).

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Fun in the Sun at 1 - Houston TX Child Photographer

Miss C has been seen around the blog quite a bit. I took her photos before she arrived, her newborn, 3, 6, 9 and now here is her 1st year photo debut. She has grown into a beautiful little thing. So fully of personality and man can she swim! I need to take Caden over and have her teach him.
I met Miss C and her family at their home on Friday evening for a fantastic evening of swimming. She showed off her love of the water and we got some beautiful shots of everyone involved. Enjoy the sneak peak you guys!
How cute is this one?
How old is your child? 12.5 mos
What is your favorite thing about her? Her curiosity
What do you find most challenging? making time for everyone but we manage somehow. Guess I'm just really hard on myself about that one.
How has she changed most over the last year? she advances in leaps n bounds bc if her siblings. She tries everything once then she is a pro.
If you had to guess, what you do think she will be in the future? an engineer, she likes to put things together, the smaller the better
What are you favorite times with her? I like watching her independence and experimenting, she's very inquisitive
What is she really into right now? walking, walking n walking
When she is a teenager, and won't listen to you anymore. What are some words of wisdom you would like her to know? Judging from her character now, nothing is impossible for her

Love those baby blues!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Thirteen going on 30 - Houston TX Teen Photographer

You might recognize Ms. E from the family shoot I posted last week. We extended the family shoot and did her 13th birthday photos at the end. She was a trooper and hung in there in the heat with us. Climbed rocks in her heels, sat in dirt in her white dress, sweated all over the place, etc. She now knows what it is like to be a model. Definitely not glamorous. But I got some fabulous photos, so everything turns out for the best. Although her mom probably won't be happy, because a lot of them don't look 13, sorry mom. :( I tried. They just grow up way too fast. Ms. E, try to act young for your mom for another year or so. You guys enjoy the sneaky!

What is the age of your child? 13
What is the best this about your child? tender heart
What do you find most challenging? high maintenance
Does your child have a favorite stuffed animal? Rock star jenny (pink poodle)
When do you just love, love, love your child the most? Watching her from afar. Seeing her sweet caring disposition
What is your child really into right now? Facebook, friends, volleyball, and a new love of tennis
What do you do to make your child laugh? Laughing is easy, E has a slap stick humor and we all laugh together
If you had to guess at her future profession, what would it be? Elementary school teacher or pre-K
When your child grows up and is a teenager (which she already is) that won't
listen to you,
what is one piece of advise you will give?
This too shall pass

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Triple the Blessings Part II - Woodlands TX Multiples Photographer

So I had a request to post some more of the triplets! I guess they are becoming famous on the blog. So, as I was going through their session to edit their proofs for their mamma, I found a few that I couldn't help but post. Figured all of you might enjoy the cuteness, as much as I did.
Let the journey begin! Three blessings = a whole new adventure in family.
Gosh I miss those tiny moments of stillness, where I used to just watch them sleep. Those little noises. I really should have recorded those.

Sisters... My hope is that they stay this close forever.

iPhone Crazy - Woodlands TX Child Photographer

I know that a lot of my families carry iPhones or iPod touches. So I thought I would pass on this information that I read on one of my clients Facebook posts. It was super helpful and thought some of you might enjoy it.

There are several links below that all of your iPhone lovers will enjoy. Caden, at 18 months just loves my iPhone, mostly the Baby Piano app, Matching Zoo app, Vehicles apps and I Hear Eww app. They can keep him entertained for about 10-15 minutes which is a lot for an 18 month old with attention issues. :)
So I thought I would pass on some more helpful lists of apps for all of us moms.

Top 50 apps for moms
Top 10 apps for kids - at the top of this page are all kinds of other catagories

Also, if you didn't know, my studio sells beautiful iPhone and iPod cases with your photos on them. They are on sale! If you are interested, give me a call!

Enjoy downloading those apps!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Grandkids Galore! - Woodlands TX Family/Tween Photographer

Yesterday morning, I had the pleasure of meeting an extended family for a fantastic occasion. A lot of families get together for reunions, but rarely invite a photographer along to capture a large family photo. These are usually the photographs that you will cherish for a long time, because it takes so much effort to get all of you together at one instance in time, especially now a days.

I posted the large family photo up for the sneak peak of this session, but we also took photos of each individual family, individual couple and child, as well as grandma J and all of her grandkids (see below). I had a blast, even though it was really hot! Wish I had a videocamera, you guys were hilarious! Thank goodness for those misters!

Hope you guys enjoy the sneak peak, the rest will be up soon!

Who belongs to whom and ages?

E and J(grandma and daughter), M (son) and F his wife, and their 2 kids - T -15 and K 10 (grandkids), E (daughter) and Brandon, her husband and their 3 kids - C 4, C 2 and C 9 months (grand kids).

What is your favorite thing about the kids? my children....pride of who they have become. My son owns a successful business and a great husband and dad, My daughter is an extremely accomplished, too much to list and a wonderful mother, and wife. Emma her sensitivity.. Both daughter and son in laws...I love who they are and their ability to relate to my son and daughter.

GRANDKIDS - T mature, has become a great person to be with, K- smart, many talents, and loves her gramma, Car, - my daughters 1st born, so there is a special bond, he is lively and brill iant, Cl - I love to watch her love on her brothers. she is a princess and lets everyone know it. she reminds me of my sister who died in 91, so she warms my heart. C the baby...I have to hold back tears, he is the sweetest, calmest baby, he will just sit on your lap and watch the world go by...I think is will be the affectionate one.

If you could have one wish for the kids? Know Christ and live a life that all know they are a child of God

What is the best thing about seeing each of them grow up? WWho they are becoming...but I find it sad as they get older..

What do you think each of these kids will be when they grow up?Tyler says he want to go into the marines and college. K wants to be a Dr. E - she is still feeling her way around..but has leaned toward being a teacher, she has a gift with children. The 3 little is hard to say...

When all of us get together, you can describe it as... Why? Pure Joy....I love having everyone together. I did not have a crowd growing up and think seeing everyone together, hearing their voices playing is something I love.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Triple the Blessings - Woodlands TX Multiples Photographer

About two months ago, a sweet momma called me for her maternity shoot, and I was so excited, because she was expecting triplets. But the day before her shoot, her water broke and the three little ones arrived early.
So I have been keeping up with this sweet new little family and just recently they all made it home, after almost a month in the NICU! You guys are troopers!
And man are they blessed! With triple the blessings, brings triple the diapers, bottles, sleepless nights, etc. But it also brings three times the sweet grunty noises, cute little toes, funny stories and cuddly babies to hold. So I was beside myself excited when I got to shoot these little ones today! They did so well, especially when we ventured outside in the warmth. Enjoy the sneaky you guys and I hope they slept well after all of the excitement.
And all of you moms out there. Leave some positive vibes below for this momma! Come on, she is handling 3 babies like a pro! You guys should have seen her. Fabulous. I can barely manage my one child. You inspire me. :)
Ah, the little piggies!
Miss H, Mr. L and Miss O - too sweet and quiet for a second

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Patience of a Mom already - West University TX Maternity Photographer

Last night I swam down to West U to meet with a Sexy Mama to do her maternity shoot. We needed to do it quickly, as she is due today! I know, can you imagine? She still had enough energy to move, let alone look cute for me. But she did fantastic and look at this super cute photos. Hopefully baby L will be arriving soon.
She was so patient with me, trying all kinds of new sexy mama things! I had so much fun! And I think she will be pleased. But the great part is, the first time mom has nothing to worry about when it comes to patience. She has plenty!
I had a great time and can't wait to come back and meet Mr. L.
Is this your first baby? Yes
When is your baby due? Today! Thursday, July 8th, 2010
Boy or girl? Boy!
What is the best thing for you about being pregnant? Feeling the baby move
What do you find most challenging? Not complaining about being tired or being in pain
What were your weirdest cravings? Red beans and Rice - weird because I HATE beans
What do you imagine for the first weeks of being a mom? Horrifying because I know nothing about babies but excited because he's my own little creation
What are you most looking forward to? Holding him for the first time and his first smile
What is one wish you have for your baby? To be a good baby and grow up to be a good man.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Designer Diapers - Woodlands, TX Child Photographer

I saw a small boy wearing the new designer diapers this weekend at a 4th of July parade, although he had the denim ones on. Now all be it super cute, I'm not sure how I feel about these.

Now, don't get me wrong, if I had all the money in the world, Caden would probably have all 11 styles, but since we don't, he doesn't.

So I wanted to throw it out there. How do you mommies feel about the new luxury diapers? Cool and fun or out of control?

Might be a good idea for photoshoots, as I don't like the idea of diapers showing and I'm always trying to cover them up. But white is always easier to hide than plaid. :)

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Confessions of a bad mom - Woodlands Baby Photographer

Yesterday, as I drove home from work, I was sad. I looked into my rear view mirror at something I swore I would never see in my own car (an 18 month old watching a video). And then I started thinking about the life I live today. It has a lot of things in it that I thought would never happen. Actually I told myself, "When and if I ever have kids, I will never do ..." The list was long. I have included some here, as I'm hoping I'm not the only bad mom out there. The blog has been quiet lately and I'm needing some moral support.

I think that all of those hopes and dreams, while pregnant are fantastic. And please, keep dreaming them! I'm sure that there are some fantastic moms out there that can pull some, if not all of these things off. It just wasn't in the cards for me. Maybe on the next baby. :)

So here is my list of confessions for being a bad mom. This is for all of you that have asked me how I do it all...
I swore I would never... Then I ....
I would never have an epidural That was the best thing ever invented. LOVED it, I would have married it and had it's babies!
I would never speed with by baby in the car When the baby is screaming, that means speed up to get to the next stop sign so I can feed him or reach the pacifier!
I would never try to multitask and hand things to my baby while driving, it is dangerous.
It is very dangerous, that is why I have everything very organized and well placed around me and him in the car for close access and finding by "feel".
I would never have my child sleep on his stomach Caden has slept on him tummy every night since he was 3 days old
I would never let my child go into a store without pants on Caden has done it several times
I would never let my child eat fast food Caden does it at least twice a week
I would never let me child run around naked Caden loves it! LOVES it! Could this be a bad sign?
I would never buy a car, just for the DVD player. Yes, I did. And yes, I use it every morning and afternoon on the way to and from work. I feel dirty even writing that. But he only watches Little Einstein, does that make it better?
I would never put my child to bed just because I was tired. Ha! Do they ever get tired? Mama needs a break to, sorry Caden.
I would never put work before my child, especially since it took so long to finally get him. Well, I'm really working on work/life balance. And I actually do a pretty good job at this. Life does come first, but a lot of times this means I'm up until midnight. And Caden get's to be a model, which he isn't thrilled about, but he does enjoy the tutus. :)

So even though Caden might only see the back of my head for hours at a time in the car, or think that the computer is attached to my arms, I hope that he ultimately doesn't think I'm a bad mom. As mom's we can all find our own ways of telling our children that we love them. It might be a special song, special time spent just with them or making their favorite food. But my favorite is just spending some time with him just "being". Not really doing much of anything. He knows that I'm there and that is all that matters.

So today, whether a good or bad mom, go spend some quality time with your kids!