Thursday, April 29, 2010

National Infertility Awareness Week - Woodlands TX Maternity Photographer

Oh I'm so embarrassed! I call myself in tuned to the infertility cause and I didn't even know until now! Oh my. Time goes by way too fast and I can not get to my emails fast enough.

But as the saying goes, better late than never....

So this week (April 24-May 1) is National Infertility Awareness Week. As many of you know, Chris and I went through infertility 6 years ago. Infertility is a horrible thing to have to go through, so I have a special place in my heart for all of the families that have and ever will go through this journey (because it is a journey and it will never leave you). Some families have the blessing of becoming biological family. Others will be blessed by adoption or surrogacy. And others will face childless living, which can have it's perks, if you don't have your heart set on children.

Chris and I were blessed with only 5 years of treatments. And then our miracle arrived. We know that everyday we get to spend with Caden is a day that over 7.3 million infertile Americas will not get to spend with children of their own. So yes, he is very spoiled as are most babies of infertile parents.

So if you were ever or are now. I want you to know, you have a friend and confidant in me. We can share scares, stories and most of all help each other through those times that your husband (bless his heart) just won't understand.

And if you just want to understand more about infertility. Here are some great links.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Hat Tricks - Woodlands Child Photographer

Tonight I had the pleasure of having one of my favorite families come over for a quick shoot. The momma wanted to duplicate a collage we made of her son, with photos her daughter, Miss S. We had a great time playing and talking and most of all focusing on just her. Even got to do some hat tricks. You guys will have a lot to choose from.

Miss S, good luck tomorrow on the TAKs, you will do great. You looked beautiful tonight and your photos are going to look great. See you guys soon.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Snail poop, floating O' and Tea parties - Woodlands TX Child Photography

I was so worried about the weather today, but it turned out to be perfect weather for a beautiful mommy and me session in the backyard. The R family booked two sessions to get both kids some time with mommy and it was so worth it. I hadn't seen them since Mr. E's newborn session and man is he a looker now. I could have shot him all day. Such a personality and those eyes! See for yourself. And the last time I shot Miss R (her 1 year shoot) was awhile ago. She has grown quite a bit and definitely has an idea of what does and does not want to do (the tea party idea was not really a hit). Oh how they keep me on my toes! You guys are going to enjoy these photos. It was great seeing all of you again.

You guys were so into that snail poop. Memories of those times of being together. Priceless.

Even got those piggies in the photo! Love it.

Happy Miss R! Love those baby teeth!

Just something about this photo. I just love it! Seeing mom behind Mr. E. Oh me!

Those eyes are going to be lady killers!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Our first edition of Baby News - Woodlands TX Baby Photographer

As many of you know, we are now focusing on bellies and babies mostly in our studio.

So we are starting a newsletter to send out to all of you to help all of my mommies. It will have helpful hints and little stories in it.

I'm proud to announce our first edition. They will be sent to all of our clients mid-month, so be sure to join our mailing list!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Bluebonnet Spoiler! - Woodlands TX photography

So Caden and I took this past weekend off and drove up to Austin. The drive was beautiful! If you are still on the hunt for wildflowers, you are in luck! Head out toward Austin on 290 and you couldn't miss them. They are everywhere.

You will have your choice of red, blue, yellow, pink, etc.

But please, don't be one of those families on the side of the road. That is so dangerous! I will tell you the BEST field to stop at. We looked and scoped it out for you.

On HWY 290, right after Winkleman, before Brenham, on the left hand side of the highway, there is a HUGE field of bluebonnets. It must be at least 6 acres. It is labeled Texas beefmasters or something like that. There is plenty of room to pull off on the side of the road and even a small road entrance there, if there aren't a ton of people there. It is a beautiful mix of Bluebonnets and a small white flowers. So all of you that stay at home during the week, head out there before the weekend. Saturday is was packed! And here is how to do it for the best lighting and to get your kids to be half way in a good mood when you get there.

Pack up the car the night before. Put the kids in the car around 7am or earlier if you can. It will take around an hour to get there from the Woodlands. Head out 1488 to 290 toward Austin. You should get there around 8AM. The early morning light will be best for photographs. Pack breakfast or stop along the way, there is a McDonald's in Magnolia and one on 290 at 1488. By the time you get there the kids will be semi-awake and the sun will be up. Then they can run in the bluebonnets and there shouldn't be too many people at the field.

And then after you can drive 5 minutes up the road to the Blue Bell Factory for lunch and a tour. Keep in mind that the factory is not open on the weekends :)

Sounds like a perfect day to me. You guys enjoy.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Two monkeys at the lake - Woodlands TX family photographer

Every once and a while I meet truly genuine people that you I feel so comfortable with. This family is one of those for me. I met them last year when I did some portraits of their two little ones, and then later on we did a portrait party at their house, which was a blast!
So last Sunday, we met on a beautiful day to play. It was nice to see the whole family together, just getting to hang out and enjoy each other's company. I love getting to see my clients being at ease in each other's company. Here are two of my favorites. Enjoy!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Miss C's Snake Adventure - Woodlands TX Baby Photographer

Miss C came to visit this morning on a rainy Saturday. She arrived with a lot of excitement, as her mommy saw a baby snake on our sidewalk! So my husband had to heroically go out and scoop it away and put it into the bushes. Who knows what kind it was, he swears it as not a rattlesnake. But it got all of the women fired up about the kids playing in the front yard.
Anyway, Miss C was at the studio for her 9 month session. She did fantastic as always. Ready to show off her 7 new teeth. She kept me on my toes crawling and exploring the studio. But I managed to get around 40 good shots. Here are a few of them. Miss C is part of our Tippy Toes program that follows babies through their first year. If you would like to see how she has grown. Here she is at her maternity session, newborn, 3 and 6 months.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Mother's Day Special! - Woodlands Baby Photographer

Mother's day is around the corner, May 9th! I know that all you moms can agree with me that being a mom is so rewarding, but also the hardest job you have ever had.

So I am holding a contest for new and seasoned moms everywhere! KP photo is holding mom mini sessions the week of April 24/25th. These sessions will be 30 minutes in length and would be a great time to come try me out, if you are a new client. But also a great way to get some updated mommy and me photos for a discounted rate, if you are already part of our family.

Here is the contest! Mother's day is special to me, because I found out on Mother's day 2 years ago, that I was expecting Caden. We had waited 5 years, through many rounds of infertility treatment for our little miracle. And to hear that we were expecting on Mother's day was just perfect. It was nothing romanctic for us, just a phone call from the Dr. But still music to our ears. We even made a YouTube video to announce it to everyone!

So I want to hear how you found out you were going to be a mom. Whether it was 20 years ago, or just yesterday. Heck, you might want to announce it here! How cool would that be. I will pick the best story and give the winner a free pendant, shown below (photo must be taken at a new session with KP Photo). That is a $150 value. You can use it anytime this year, so if you are just newly pregnant, no worries! :) All you have to do is write your story in the comment section under this post. You have until 4/23 to enter! So send this to your friends. I want to hear all of the amazing "I'm pregnant" stories.

And while your at it schedule a Mommy and Me Mini session on the weekend on April 24-25th. Your sitting fee is only $25 for this special session. And we will be offering a two products just for this mini session, they will not be offered during our normal sessions! A makeup bag with your photos on it for cost at $50. (Larger bags are also available.) And a gorgeous photo pendant with a leather cord for $150. It is waterproof, unlike many photo pendants. You will fall in love with mine! Also available in horizontal.

So if you have been wanting some mother/child photos, now is the time! All portraits will be guaranteed by Mother's day. And don't forget to enter the contest, just type in your I'm pregnant stories below. Be sure to include your name and email (or register with a profile) so I can contact you when you win. Good luck!

Call us today. 832-573-3731

Sunday, April 4, 2010

March Kute Photo of the Month! - Woodlands TX Maternity photographer

Even though I'm a little behind, I can not believe that it is April and we are done with March! Where did it go. Looking back over the sessions from March, I shot a lot of good looking babies and mommies! It was a hard decision.

But thinking back on the sessions as a whole, I chose Mrs. N and her soon to be little boy. It was a picture perfect session with well over 30 really good portraits. So good in fact that I just printed many from the session to hang in the newly cleaned up studio! She was just too cute and willing to do all kinds of new and creative things. Love that!

So when I had to choose one from this session, that was the hard part. We had location shots, studio shots, shots with hubby, shots alone, happy shots, prop shots, etc. Just beautiful. When I saw this portrait, even straight out of the camera, it was perfection. Not many mommies are as comfortable with their new bellies and bodies as Mrs. N is. I'm sure she will look back at this portrait and wish for that moment of solitude and peace to come back! :) Thanks for the opportunity to take some fantastic new shots! And enjoy your portraits.

A reminder that Mrs. N will receive a free 11x14 print and a gift certificate to use on her next session. Congrats you guys, can't wait to meet the little guy!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

A boy and his ball - Woodlands TX Child Photographer

I know I have said this before but time passes by way too fast. The little guy in the middle is part of our Tippy Toes plan, who we met when he was a newborn. And then again at 3 and 6 months. But now that he is over a year old, we met again to do his final session in the plan. He has grown up so much over the past year.
Mr. C loved playing in the sun, chasing his brother and sister and most of all playing with his blue ball. I enjoyed seeing you all again.
Oh and Mr. C's brother gave me the best compliment I have heard in a long time. He said that the last time he came to my studio, it was "Off the chain!" I can't pay for better advertising than that. Happy Easter you guys!

Friday, April 2, 2010

When the bluebonnets align - Woodlands TX children photographer

So this morning, I met one of our VIP clients out at the bluebonnet field. And when the stars (or in this case, bluebonnets) align, you get fabulous lighting, kids, dogs, and in turn Truely Texan portraits.

We had a great time all by ourselves running through the bluebonnets. And their mom did a great job bringing their favorite props to show their personalities. Check out the yellow converse below. We have some great photos of those in the bluebonnets. I couldn't just pick two. Sorry everyone...

And how do you know when the kids and the session is over? Um... This could have been a clue. Love it... Thanks for getting up so early you guys. The portraits are beautiful.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Night owl at 1 week old - Woodlands TX Newborn Photographer

I met Mr. L on a late evening shoot. He was so tiny. Oh how I forget how tiny little babies come. Man I miss those days..

Well, Mr. L was not ready for his debut or very first photo shoot. He wanted to stay awake and watch us work. But eventually, like they all do, he fell asleep, after much coaxing. There is nothing sweeter than a sleeping baby and an older sibling. Too cute! If you would like to see the pre-baby shots, you can go back in time here. Enjoy!