Monday, September 6, 2010

Sunset Love - Woodlands TX Couples Photographer

Last night I had I met a good friend and his girlfriend at East Shore for a sunset photoshoot. Perfect lighting, led to some perfect portraits. I was under some major pressure, as D is a professional photographer himself! But they were fantastic and we had a great time. We goofed around and played in the grass. Getting some formal shots, goofy shots and most of all, some re-inactments of some famous movies.

You guys were great. Thanks for playing along and the rest will be done in around a week. Enjoy your sneak peak!

1. How long have you guys been together? A seemingly long two and a half months.

2. Where did you guys meet? At a bar (classy) during a motorcycle meet (even classier.)

3. What is your favorite thing to do together? Nap or read. We're kinda boring but that's ok.

4. Any nicknames for each other? We all want the scoop! I call her beast or more recently
mammal. She finds neither of these amusing. She tends to just call me "honey," which at varying points I'm sure either means bee excrement or that she actually likes me.
5. Five things that you want us to know about you guys as a couple. Clean things only. :)

We tend to be very laid back and "boring," but that's fine. We enjoy each others company and needn't be engaged in a conversation or specific activity to do so.

We are both terribly wanting of directional or decision making abilities. Not only can't we find our way around the corner, we have the complete and total inability to decide on anything. This is particularly exciting when we're figuring out where to go eat.

It seems like we've known each other for a lot longer than the little time we've been together.

We're having a baby! Both of us are very excited. We want a little girl. I (D) am also a photographer and the amount of black mail pictures I will have of momma and baby will be unreal.

We act completely childish around each other some times. It helps us enjoy the little things!

Bonus: I've (D again) never actually had my picture taken in a professional setting before. I'm very much terrified and looking forward to having Kara produce these beautiful moments for us. I became a photographer so I wouldn't have to be in front of the lens!

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