Monday, August 30, 2010

An evening in the park - Woodlands Family Photographer

Last night, I met one of my clients that has been with me from almost the very beginning. I just LOVE them. They are so easy going and I so enjoy getting to see their family grow over the years. I shot Ms. R's first birthday, Mr. E's maternity, Mr. E's newborn and you probably recognize them from a recent mommy and me session.

But when their mommy called and said they hadn't had a full family session EVER. Well, I just had to change that. And after talking, I found out that they hadn't had any couple photos since their wedding! Well, you can't have that. So we took care of that as well.

Now, those of you who have toddlers, know that it is difficult to capture a family photo at this age. But I think they will be pleasantly surprised, I didn't post them here, but I have some good ones. You guys enjoy your week and the photos should be ready in about a week.

1. How old are your kids? E is 1 yr and R is 2 1/2
2. What is the best thing about your kids at this age? They are absorbing so much, everyday there is something new they are doing or saying.
3. What is the most challenging? Just keeping up with 2 toddlers that are 16 months apart is a challenge but I think dealing with severe food allergies at the same time is the most difficult thing.
4. Do you have any advise to new moms out there? Buy a dust buster!!!

5. What is a perfect day with your family? The perfect day with our family is any day that we get to spend the entire day together as a family. We are always so busy there seems to be errands or projects that need done but the best days are ones where we really don't get anything "done" and just spend time together, going to the park or hanging out at home grilling and playing in the yard.
6. What are some hopes and dreams you have for your kids? I just hope my children grow up to be happy, well adjusted, independent, open minded adults.

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