Sunday, June 6, 2010

On the move at 9 months! - Woodlands TX Baby Photographer

Also on Saturday morning, one of my favorite Tippy Toes members came over for his 9 month session. My gosh, these babies are growing too fast! Here is a trip down his first 9 months. Newborn, 3 months, and 6 months. And now he is officially on the move. Crawling, standing and so, so happy! We had so much fun as always. Can't wait to see him running the next time. Enjoy you guys!
How old is your child? .75
What is the best thing about your child? His beautiful smile, eyes and cute laugh make me feel so good!
What do you find most challenging? Getting big brother to share with his little brother.
Does your child have a favorite stuffed animal? What is it's name? Sophie the giraffe is his favorite toy.
When do you absolutely just love, love, love your child the most? Quiet moments, silly, etc. It's hard to pick just one! Nursing, cuddling, laughing!
What is your child really into right now? He's really into his big brother, putting EVERYTHING in his mouth, and table food!
Is there a game or something you do with them? And what do you do to get them to laugh? Singing with hand movements like Pat-a-cake

If you had to determine a career today for them today, what do you think your child will be? Food critic because he LOVES to eat!
When your child grows up and is a teenager that won't listen to you, what is one piece of advise you will give them? Won't listen?? Not my sweet Mr. H!
Other comments or information that I should know about your child? He looks just like me when I was a baby!

And I just had to put this one in. I know it isn't Easter, but come on! Isn't he cute?


  1. Such sweet pictures of a beautiful baby. Great job!

  2. Kristina LanninghamJune 7, 2010 at 9:13 AM

    too cute. Love all 3 pics!

  3. Love the bunny hat pic! Kara - you were busy this weekend!!!