Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Mr. JH 2 weeks - Woodlands TX Newborn Photographer

If you watch Yahoo, you probably saw the article about the photographer that shoots sleeping babies. Well, most of us newborn photographers prefer our newborns to be sleeping. So when Mr. JH arrived zonked out, I was so excited! 

He did a fantastic job. Slept for the first half of the shoot and the flirted the second half. What a joy. His mom and dad are going to have a really hard time choosing from the proofs for birth announcement photos. 

I had a fantastic time guys, can't wait to see you again.


  1. Kara, I LOVE these! I cannot wait to see the rest. Thanks, Chanda

  2. I love these pics, I did see the newborn photos on the Today show [ I think ] these are GREAT can't wait to see which one they pick, they are all great, but how could you go wrong, he is so cute!!! Great-Aunt Tina